CNN to offer free live stream of upcoming Republican debate


CNN will offer a live stream of its first Republican presidential debate, becoming the first cable network to make such an offering this election season.

On Tuesday, the network announced it would make the debate on September 16 available to stream free via the CNN website and its mobile and tablet apps without forcing users to authenticate with a cable or satellite subscription.

The move comes after the first presidential debate several weeks ago drew 24 million viewers for the FOX News Channel. Unlike CNN, FOX did not offer a free live stream of the debate, though some Internet found a loophole in that Sky News, a network co-owned by FOX’s parent company, streamed a majority of the debate on YouTube (FOX eventually had the feed pulled on copyright grounds).

CNN is hoping to take advantage of the huge online interest, particularly since billionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump is expected to appear at their debate. Trump is widely credited with drawing millions of viewers to the FOX debate, which broke the network’s own record for the most-viewed program in the channel’s history.

  • Steve

    Let’s get ready to rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmble! That’s the CNN brand of mock debate that looked from the git go to be more about ratings and having some fun with the contenders of this match who often played into the game. There were some bright moments but all i have to say is you will see how respectful CNN becomes once their scrappings from the barrel show up to discuss more “progressive” agenda for the country. After all this time one can only say is that only crash test dummies will keep driving into walls to see how tough they can be.

    If the CNN “cast of october” characters can dispense with their laundry list of scandals, their pandering to “black lives matters”, sanctuary “illegal cities”, and wondering who the next christian baker will be to sued over gay cakes, plus appeasing magic carpet islamists and losing emails in the bathroom, they just might be able to make it to the show on time. I won’t hold my breath for any consequential difference from their typical socialist liberal nonsensical politically correct gibber’mania. But it should be fun if CNN referees the match and keeps up the rockum sockum format. Hey, they might even be able to pass it off as a “pay for view” event. In the meantime we still have to live as citizens with the results of the “progressive” agenda going on 8 long years!